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Preparation Tips

Before Appointment Day

On Appointment day


Cut Grass - Please have your yard serviced. (mowed, edged, blown, leaves bagged, etc)

Shrubs & bushes Hedges and bushes trimmed. Tend to any other landscaping details that need attention.

Flowerbeds - Pull any visible weeds. Fresh mulch is ideal. 

Pools/Hot Tubs - Remove covers. Ensure pool/tub is cleaned and clear.

De-Clutter - clean up any other loose items that may be distracting.


Clear Driveway - Park cars in garage or on the street ( preferably a few house down to avoid cars in window shots) Garbage cans should also be hidden from view.

Patio/Deck - Straighten outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, cushions etc.) Remove other items to ensure everything looks neat, clean and organized.

Pool - Remove pool vacuum and make sure pool area is clean and decluttered.



Check bulbs - Replace any bad bulbs so all lights work. Avoid having a mixture of bulb colors.

Paint Touch Up - If needed, touch up any visible scuffs or paint chipping.

Carpets/rugs - Have carpets vacuumed, and stains removed.

De-Clutter - This is the most important. Less is more!! Remove rarely used items/products/appliances from countertops in kitchen and bathrooms. Remove magnets and notes from the fridge. Remove bath products from tubs/showers. Remove unnecessary items from tables and desks. All items don't need to be removed prior to photo day, but the goal is to leave yourself with less to do the day of.

Garage/Closets - These areas are rarely photographed which makes these areas perfect to hide items or furniture that you don't want to be seen in the photographs.


Final Kitchen De-Clutter - Remove Extraneous items from countertops ( paper towel, utensils, rags, etc) Straighten and stage any remaining items. Wipe appliances clean. Hide dish drying racks, dishes, sponges, soaps, pots and pans, trash cans.

Final Bathroom De-Clutter - Remove extraneous items from counter tops. Remove towels and robes from hooks. Remove personal items from shower/tub. Decorative items are ok.

Laundry Room - Remove loose laundry and baskets (unless decorative) straighten and visible items to look presentable, or hide them.

Dining Room - Straighten table and chairs. remove all items from table, leaving decorative items. Make sure everything is clean and organized.

Windows - All blinds should look uniform. Open blinds fully for a good view outside and to let natural light in. Maker sure all curtains and shades look proper.

Beds - Make sure all bedding is made and neat!


  • All Lights either on or all lights off

  • All Fans off

  • Toilet lids closed

  • Garage Doors closed

  • Driveway clear (no vehicles or trash cans)

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